UPSers 401K Plan – Eligibility and Enrollment

UPSers 401K Plan: Retirement is about being ready to do what you require when you’re ready to stop working.

Whether you plan on taking up a new hobby, traveling, or spending more time with the family, it’s time we all look ahead to, and it will take money to do it.

The UPSers 401K Plan is a great way to save for your future plans, whatever they are. Saving through Roth 401(k) contributions, pre-tax contributions, and after-tax contributions, as well as a variety of investment choices, are just some of the Plan’s features.

Now let’s check out how the 401K Plan may help put you on the path to a more secure retirement.

About UPSers 401K plan

The UPS company came with a UPSers 401k plan for the employees working in the United parcel service company.

The UPSers 401k plan starts with the drawing back some specific amount by the company from the UPSers for their benefit.

UPSers 401k plan is an investment plan created by the companies for the employees. It lets the employees invest and save a little money from their salary before the sum amount of taxes payout of the wage.

The UPSers 401k plan also works like insurance to the company against the employees leaving the firm early. Taxes will not be withdrawn until the salary taken out from the bank.

Note. – You don’t have to access the funds taken out of your payment until to the age of 59 and a half, or until you leave the company by 55, if you take it out before that, you will be charged the fine of 10% plus all the taxes.

UPSers 401K Plan

UPSers 401K Plan Eligibility and enrollment

If you are a United parcel service employee, then you will be eligible to participate in the Teamster-UPS National 401k Tax-Deferred Savings Plan, who is served by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters or another labor union authorized by the Trustees.

Eligible employees can register as soon as they are employed by UPS (United parcel service) and may register immediately either online or on the phone:

To register online:

To register by phone:

  • Call the toll-free information line at 800-537-0189 and follow the guidance to complete your enrollment.

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