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UPS Saturday delivery

UPS Saturday delivery: UPS is an American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company.Furthermore, UPS is the most extensive delivery service across the world, delivering over 15 million parcels to over 7 million customers every day.The is for the questions and doubts that are quite normal in a customer’s mind.The below mentioned are some answers to the customer’s most generally asked questions.

UPS Saturday delivery

About UPS Saturday delivery

Is UPS open on Saturdays?

The most commonly asked question is, UPS works on Saturdays? and the answer is, yes it does, and Saturdays are just like other days for UPSers because most of the UPS stores are open and pickup and delivery services are also working on Saturdays.

UPS works for you, now on Saturdays:

With UPS (United Parcel Service) Ground on Saturday, you can record pickups and receive deliveries 6 days a week. That’s an extra 52 days of shipping per year.

Adding Saturday pickups enables you to reach your consumers one day earlier, and provides you an extra day to fulfill weekend orders. 

It means you will ready to roll on Monday for new deliveries. Use Saturday pickups to give a better experience for your consumers.

Getting started is simple.

  • Click the Add Saturdays to Your Pickup Schedule button and log in.
  • On the Payment Choices page, please select the relevant account and select “Edit.”
  • On the next page, expand the ‘Pickup Options’ section.
  • Scroll down to “Request a Saturday driver pickup.” (Requires a weekday driver pickup to chose.)

Delivery Commitment

Saturday Delivery assurance times depend on the shipping service you prefer, and the beginning and destination of your shipment.Select Calculate Time and Cost to manage the delivery time of your shipment.

Saturday Delivery Pricing:

  • Free of cost to nations where Saturday is a business day
  • INR 486.00 per delivery
  • UPS (United Parcel Service) Worldwide Express Freight services will only be available in chosen destinations and will charged at INR 12,172.00 per shipment

Note: For Saturday Delivery, you must join a Saturday Delivery sticker to every purchase. With some services, Saturday delivery of a United Parcel Service Returns shipment is available in the USA only.

Contact your UPS spokesperson for more information.

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